The Company

The ENERVA H2 business core lies on the processes of production, storage and distribution of hydrogen and its conversion in the context of “Green and Clean Energy”, according to the resource rationalization and energy conversion efficiency. ENERVA H2 aims at being the joining link between the world of research and business, proposing, designing and installing “fuel cell based” energy systems, which are remarkably advantageous compared to conventional energy systems as regards both energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The intense research activity carried out over the years by the team, focused on the integration of the Fuel Cell technology with the various subsystems of a global and more complex energy system, with the goal to increase its efficiency and sustainability.

With regard to the innovative system based on anaerobic digester, the proposed fuel cell is the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), one with the highest energy efficiency. A main activity of the research and development sector of the company is aimed at the functionalization of the SOFC integration with the biogas generation unit (gas composed mainly of methane and carbon dioxide). An experimental station of SOFC technology is installed at the “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen” laboratory of the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering – University of Calabria (UNICAL), whose Scientific Responsible is Prof. Fragiacomo. The laboratory simulations results will allow to have the energy response of SOFC systems, and to understand how  to extend the operation of the real integrated energy system, from an experimental environment to a pre and/or industrial environment.