About us

ENERVA H2 s.r.l is a SpinOff of the University of Calabria. It is registered, as Innovative Startup, in the Companies Register of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of the Province of Cosenza (Italy). The ENERVA H2 company name is derived from: ENERgy VAlorization for a new paradigm of energy based on H2ydrogen.  The company mission is to offer innovative solutions for both energy production and environment protection, by means of the development and marketing of innovative products and/or services of high technological value in the field of systems for the valorisation of alternative energy sources. The focus is on the “green and clean energy”, with particular interest on the “waste to energy chain”. The purpose is to enhance the transformation process  from waste material and/or energy waste,  having highly negative economic value, into valuable energy forms,  realising a profit for the end users. The rationalization of resources, as  waste materials, and the enhancing of energy  production processes are in according to the efficiency and environmental sustainability. Fuel Cell systems are at the base of the company vision. These systems are used in the energy cogeneration and are also used in the hydrogen production, storage and distribution chain, and represent the state of the art of all renewable energy systems known today.